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Our overseas and domestic facilities allow us to offer the most efficient method of manufacturing to best meet the available budget and lead time.

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Our creative design team develops and structurally engineers out of the box concepts that will take you from an initial idea to award-winning design solutions.


No matter the packaging material or quantity, we have the capabilities and expertise to deliver a high quality product.

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With our overseas manufacturing facilities, PT Global has all of the Packaging Trends’ domestic resources at its disposal, including structural engineering, and fulfillment…

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Since inception in 1981, Packaging Trends has been servicing Fortune 500 companies in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and consumer-related industries by specializing in the design and manufacturing of multi-component packaging.


Patient Starter Kits

Creative patient-centered vehicles to ensure understanding while increasing compliance and decreasing drop off rate for on-going good health practices. Kits may include a wide array of items to benefit the patients monetarily, educate them and keep them on track, such as co-pay cards, magnets and how-to literature. The starter kits are both compact enough to be portable, yet durable to use as a primary housing unit.

Rep Kits and Pharmacy Kits

Educates the reps themselves and used as a reference guide to inform doctors in order to provide the most comprehensive overview. Often a kit is left with the doctor and includes a portion for the end user, the patient. Detail aids and direct mail vehicles can also be sent directly to the physician.

Consumer Promotional Programss

Our consumer promotional packaging ranges from product launch to loyalty appreciation mailings to high level contacts within a given company. In order to achieve and maintain product awareness and recognition our programs encompass initial launch mailings, press release kits to media outlets and specialty in-store counter displays with product and/or literature with special incentive for the consumer.

Waiting Room Take-One Displays

Unique eye-catching designs, often with an interactive feature promote brand recognition. Mindful of limited space, a small footprint is created using multi-pockets and tiers which allows for literature on various products. Utilizing different substrates, we provide permanent or replaceable take-ones.

OTC Healthcare Sample Programs

On-going sample mailings throughout the year directly to a doctor’s office for distribution to patients. This promotes product awareness, trial of product, and ultimately consumer spending for the product. Various products are included and the mix of products could change per the client’s needs. Each group of product is contained in its own branded package which is then used in the sample closet or exam room. In addition, coupon tear pads can be included for patients, as well as, fax backs or surveys for use in updating physician profiles. Creative packaging for the launch of a product is often included so that the doctor/nurse can try the product and review the pertinent information.


Help and Handshakes - Patient Starter Kits

Printing can be personal. For patients and the affected caregiver who have been given a diagnosis, the clinical approach can be isolating and overwhelming. Starter kits are one way of bridging that gap by utilizing a patient centric approach. It is an opportunity for the physician or nurse educator to physically hand something to the patient that will engage and educate them to stay on course with their treatment regimen.

Where it all begins...

Every promotional tool originates as a strategic initiative or a concept. In print marketing, it's the creativity of the design that allows the piece to stand out, cut through the clutter and ultimately drive brand awareness. That is why Packaging Trends puts such a strong emphasis on one of our core added values - design development.

Your ONE source from concept through completion.

We at Packaging Trends, Inc. have started a monthly newsletter regarding latest trends and ideas in high-impact dimensional marketing formats.  We sincerely hope you find this to be informative, as it is our goal to stay in constant communication to help in your upcoming marketing initiatives. As an introduction, we would first like to give you a brief overview as to why we are a distinctive industry leader.


We received our samples thank you and thank you all for executing this project! The holder looks stunning. The packaging is AMAZING. All three samples were packed and delivered with a lot of TLC.

I wanted to thank you and the rest of the team for the amazing job you did on the Lantus & You Journals. It has been a long and bumpy road but your dedication made it possible. I had the pleasure of holding one of the final journals the other day and it is exactly how we envisioned it to be. I am confident this will make a difference for our patients and physicians. We can all be proud if the great work we did together!